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IVR Phone Demo Instructions

Dial the IVR Demo Phone Number 312-273-4566.   Once the demo starts, it will provide the listener with a brief instruction about the program, and its functions.  Once the Dues Payment Demo starts, it will ask for a social security number, then press #.  Use 000000001# for test SSN's. You will be prompted for a password, use 0001#. It should read back the member’s name as Tom Johnson.


​Members have 2 options:

  1.  Check their position on the OWL list

  2.  Credit Card Dues Payment


​Option 1, OWL List:

The IVR system will be directly connected to the local MTP system and it will automatically pull the OWL information directly from MTP, and read out the member’s status.

​Option 2, Credit Card Dues Payment:

Once the member enters the payment section of the due’s payment program, they will have the option to select:

Pay their Dues for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months.

If the user already has a credit card saved in the system, it will read out to the user if they want to “…use the credit card on file, Press 1. "

The system will then ask for a credit card number, enter 4 then 15 1's then #.   For the expiration year 0222, (2 digit month and 2 digit year.) To enter the security code, use a 3-digit number of your choice. Then Press #.

​The system will now confirm that the payment was complete and automatically send the member a text and email receipt. The system will also send a copy of the receipt to any email address requested by the Local for a backup copy. The Local will also receive daily, weekly and monthly payment reports as requested.​

Once the transaction is complete, the system will ask whether the member wants to save their credit card information for future use.

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